The Maginot Line

Most of you that are consistent readers of my blog know I attempt to provide a positive and empowering approach to healing PTSD.  Providing insight “through a warrior’s eyes”, I think, can be beneficial for many of the motivated clients I work with.  By focusing on their Objectives, we work together using tools, encouragement, and reinforcement for the positive gains they make.   Along with the tools of Subconscious Restructuring®, together, we are achieving outstanding results!

What Motivates You?

The topic of motivation seems to be ever present in  books and articles.  It is an area of great interest and concern in our society.  In fact, there is a career field, a profession, dedicated solely to the topic of motivation.  This profession is filled with an array of amazing 'Motivational Speakers'!  We all need a little help now and then with our motivation.

Worry is a Waste

"A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once."  Worry is a waste!  In the past 30 years there have been a variety of studies on worry that have varied only slightly.  Generally the findings are: 80% of what we worry about will never happen; of the remaining 20% we can do nothing about 17% of it.  That leaves only 3% of valid worry... if there is such a thing.  

The Power of the Subconscious in World Cup Soccer

Many of you reading this are Americans, and as such, are not necessarily soccer fans, but before it ended last Sunday, the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer championship offered a wider-than-usual range of behaviors from athletes, trainers, coaches and national ministers of sport.  I'm thinking in particular of the crisis in interpersonal relations on France's 2010 World Cup soccer team.  It's not typical for a team to more or less self-destruct before viewers' eyes, but France's team came as close as you can to doing that.